In search of a voice

I started this blog during social-distancing. On Day 1 of the corona crisis, I grabbed my luggage, some winter clothes, toiletries and two books I was reading, boarded a fast train and moved to my boyfriend’s home. During the day we both worked for our jobs, at night we watched TV series, films, the Tagesschau and fell asleep to Netflix or books.

Nothing special really.

But soon I realise, I deserve more than “nothing special really”. That voice, that energy, that passion I used to live with as a student of the humanities still flickers somewhere. I know if I don’t start doing something about it, it will soon be dark, and the night is full of terrors. I would be the culprit with no one to blame.

So I start writing. One thing that I have always enjoyed. There will be no rules, no CI to follow, no terminology management, just my honest opinion, thoughts and emotions on things that truly matter.

Next I will start with topics that speak to my heart – visual culture, literature, bits of literary theory and so on and so forth. I will write about the TV series, films and books that make me feel alive. I hope to find my voice, and with this voice I hope to start discussions with friends and strangers. And through this blog, I want you to be a part of this work-in-progress.

So, I am very glad that you came to far to my first post. Leave a trace, however long or short, and don’t forget,

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against humanity

The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

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